Restore Avilla Heritage Park Site Banner DMK 2020
Restore Avilla Heritage Park Site Banner DMK 2020

Restore Avilla, Inc., includes representatives of local businesses and community leaders.  We are a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that not only plans to achieve a revitalized downtown district for the town of Avilla, but want to preserve the historic value of the town as well.  Our goals also include fostering community collaboration to “Restore” the town to its former functionality, vitality, and beauty.

Help Build The Avilla Dog Park!

Restore Avilla is partnering with Avilla Parks Department to build a safe and fun space for beloved canine friends in Noble County to socialize and play!
You can help!  Your generous gift of a fence plaque for $150 or a park bench that comes with a plaque for $1,500 – both of which to commemorate a loved one, your family, or your business – will help to complete this community-asset project!

You can also donate a gift of any size, online through GoFundMe in the buttons to the right or mail your gift to Restore Avilla, ATTN:  Dog Park, PO Box 562, Avilla, IN  46710.   

Your generous donation can be made securely online without any sign-ins or sign-ups using PayPal or you can send a check to Restore Avilla, PO Box 562, Avilla, IN  46710.

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Restore Avilla, Inc. is honored to be able to continue working with OCRA and fulfilling our mission to maintain, preserve, and improve downtown Avilla!

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