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NCPL-Avilla Seeks Parking Lot Expansion

Photograph and article by: Kevin Kelly, Hometown News, – August 1, 2019

AVILLA – The Noble County Public Library Avilla (NCPL-Avilla) has the need for more parking. When events are held at the library, they commonly do not have enough parking spaces available. They have been reviewing options and made some inquiries over the last couple of years and had not found a good solution; until recently. 

Restore Avilla is promoting the dog park proposed by Cody Schneider which would be located on the Avilla Parks’ property north of the library parking lot. The Parks Board approved proceeding with the dog park and NCPL-Avilla was asked about using their parking lot for patrons of the park. 

The NCPL Board of Directors agreed to expand the parking lot at their expense provided the ownership of the expansion is transferred from the Town of Avilla (Parks) to NCPL. The Town Council, at their July 17 meeting, unani- mously approved the transfer of the property agreed upon between the Parks Board and NCPL, which is needed  for the parking lot expansion.

Restore Avilla | Downtown Revitalization Organization Avilla Indiana
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